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Wednesday January 18
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Aries Daily HoroscopeAries
A friend of yours will be insisting on dragging you to some kind of religious or spiritual event, but no matter how profound or uplifting it may be, chances are good it won't be the life-changing event it has been billed to be. Enjoy the experience, but don't carry high expectations. What are the circumstances that helps or hinders your employment? Find out now!

Taurus Daily HoroscopeTaurus
Travel and commuting isn't dull right now, but you will take any detours or roadblocks in stride. After all, it is hard to gripe about these minor problems when they turn out to be major blessings in disguise. You may be able to spend some needed time with or thinking about your significant other while you wait to pass construction zones. Do you have a successful relationship? Discover exactly what attracts a partner and helps them remain interested.

Gemini Daily HoroscopeGemini
A friend or companion could reveal a hidden crush right now, on you or on another companion. Either way, you are likely to be pleased by romantic news shared by friends. Do be careful driving, though, as you may find people are kind of distracted on the road. How do you improve your relationship skills? Try an initial Soul Mates analysis for free.

Cancer Daily HoroscopeCancer
The "little talk" you'll have to have right now will be about money, budgets, and family values. Your little family unit is spending way too much money right now. You have to pull back, and no-one will be happy about it. Deferred gratification brings blessings! In your youth did you make the most of your education and establish values of your own? Discover more now!

Leo Daily HoroscopeLeo
Your intuition is right on where it comes to the social connections in your family. You may be hearing some very interesting gossip. Be careful that you don't spread anything you hear, though, because not all the details may be accurate. How do you reach your full relationship potential? Learn to relate to people close to you you. Discover the true nature of your relationships.

Virgo Daily HoroscopeVirgo
If you are still single, be cautious if you are going out or on a blind date right now. The stars say "star crossed love affair" right now, and you may be better off sticking for the single scene a little while longer. If you are married, tread carefully, your partner is likely to be cranky. Deal with challenging periods, slow down and take stock when necessary. Find out more with personal Forecaster.

Libra Daily HoroscopeLibra
You will be getting a lot of interesting phone calls or emails. You may have shared your spiritual beliefs recently and someone wants to challenge you on what you believe. You will find the encounter enjoyable and stimulating if you keep an open mind. Use your own personal forecaster to make important plans.

Scorpio Daily HoroscopeScorpio
You could meet someone interesting right now, but if you are single, and in search of a partner, do be careful that you don't end up bringing home someone with "excess baggage". You may find yourself attracted to someone in the healing profession, or someone with medical needs. Discover how to be a more skilful lover and impress your partner with your ability to wow them!

Sagittarius Daily HoroscopeSagittarius
It is not a good day to go out shopping for music, musical instruments, or other creative tools and implements. You want to expand your creative skills, but could end up spending too much money on craft supplies, CDs, or other creative toys and supplies. What's he secret of true love and a better relationship? Understanding each other is crucial. Discover what you need to know!

Capricorn Daily HoroscopeCapricorn
If you have any say in the workplace, now is the time to demand that the antiquated phone, network, or computer systems be taken out and put out to pasture. Do plan carefully if you are just starting to develop a new system, though. There are apt to be unexpected changes. Your guide to successful dating, discover if this is your year to find love.

Aquarius Daily HoroscopeAquarius
You aren't listening to your loved ones. They have some concerns about your diet or lifestyle, and just because they may be old fuddy-duddies does not mean they are automatically wrong. You may be able to smooth over troubled waters with a little extra patience. Do you know life happens in cycles? Know when they begin and end.

Pisces Daily HoroscopePisces
Paperwork brings both blessings and challenges. You may find that you are better off if you focus on personal concerns, but financial paperwork is a greater challenge. Work-related commuting could be somewhat of a hassle too. Discover important astrological events. Can you make the most of them?